Open House Volunteer Sign-up

Use this form to volunteer to work an event at the 2018 Open House.

Open House Worker Sign-up: Rather than having someone calling every member, we will use this sign-up form.

We will give a polo shirt(1), a free lunch(each day) to everyone that works the event. We will also have a worker only drawing.

Open House Work Hours: We no longer offer work hours for Saturday or Sunday. The original intent of the Open House was for people to come and volunteer. Let’s be honest about it, you joined the club to come out and shoot! What better way to do it than to help showcase the club and introduce new people to shooting. The Friday set-up day, will be listed as a workday. Those that come out to help (Friday) will be allowed work hours for the time they are there. These hours will be applied to the 2019-20 renewal period, not the current year. This is because of a bookkeeping change we implemented in 2017. If you have problems with getting signed up online or know if someone that doesn’t have online access please call Larry at 815-235-1622.

If something happens with your schedule that you can not work the hours you previously signed up for, Go through the whole form again with hours that you can work. We will use the sign-up with the latest date (it automatically adds the time and date when you click submit). If you are unable to work any of the hours you signed for please email or call Larry at 815-235-1622.

You should get a confirmation email if  your signup was successful. If you don’t get one please try again or contact us.

Open House Volunteer sign-up 2018

Use this form to sign up for the event you prefer and the times you want to work.
  • You can find this number on your gate key/card
  • Please use a phone number that you prefer to be used and one that you will return a call if we leave a voice mail.
  • Friday Set-up Work Hours

    Use this section ONLY if you are going to help with set-up on Friday.

    If you are NOT helping with set-up on Friday skip this section.
  • Use this group ONLY if you plan on helping with set-up on Friday.

    Shirts will NOT be given out for those working ONLY Friday.
  • Saturday and Sunday Work Choices

    Saturday and Sunday have Separate Selection Boxes. Please check the Hours you are able to work on EACH DAY separately. If you can't work on one of the days, just leave that section blank if you make a mistake, Click on the Can't Work button for that day.
  • This Box Is for Saturday Only. Please make sure to select time(s) you want to work.
  • This Box Is for Sunday Only. Please make sure to select time(s) you want to work.
  • Please make sure to select the event you want to work.

    We will do the best that we can to put you where you want to be but there is no guarantee that you will be assigned to this choice.
  • We need to know what size shirt to order for you! These are mens sizes. I have a pre-order and they seem to run good for your regular size (generous but not huge). If you need 4X or up, they will be from a different shirt supplier but will be as similar as they can get them.

    Entries after May 5th, you may not have your shirt in time for the event!