Membership Costs

In addition to our annual membership fee’s listed below you must maintain a membership in the National Rifle Association. If you are not currently a member you can click here to purchase your membership online.

Although it is not required for club membership, we highly recommend that you also maintain a membership in the Illinois State Rifle Association. They keep a close watch on what is happening in our state government and work in our behalf every day.

Our fee schedule lists the annual renewal fee’s as well as the new member categories and an option to pay for a replacement keycard if yours is lost or damaged. As you can see we added a “Spousal Membership”, in 2014. Here is an explanation of what the difference is. A member may bring their family to the range with them every time they come to the range. The member is responsible for actions of all people they bring. No one else can use that member’s keycard without the member being present. The Spousal Membership would allow either member to enter the club with their own keycard and bring other family members or guests with them. If only one member comes they are then responsible to make sure their guest abide by the rules. If they are both present they are both responsible to look after any guests. This new class was added to support the growing interest of women in shooting, hunting and in self defense/concealed carry.

As in past years we offer work credit to our members. We have scheduled workdays March – October, usually on the 3rd Saturday of the month. The amount of credit is listed on our calendar. If you have some free time you can work off some of the cost of your renewal. Work hours from 2014 and March and April of this year will count on your 2015-16 renewal. Any hours worked after May 1st will count toward the 2016-17 renewal period.

Membership   Renewal $150.00
Membership Renewal + add Spousal Membership – Full Year $235.00
New Member – January $88.00
New Member + Spousal Membership – January $117.00
New Member – February $79.00
New Member + Spousal Membership – February $101.00
New Member – Full Year (March, April & May) $160.00
New Member + Spousal Membership – Full Year (March, April & May) $245.00
New Member – June $151.00
New Member + Spousal Membership – June $229.00
New Member – July $142.00
New Member + Spousal Membership – July $213.00
New Member – August $133.00
New Member + Spousal Membership – August $197.00
New Member – September $124.00
New Member + Spousal Membership – September $181.00
New Member – October $115.00
New Member + Spousal Membership – October $165.00
New Member – November $106.00
New Member + Spousal Membership – November $149.00
New Member – December $97.00
New Member + Spousal Membership – December $133.00
Lost or Damaged keycard replacement $10.00
Officer or Board Member Information  Update $0.00
Life Member-Yearly Information Update $0.00