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3 Gun Match Information


3 Gun Match Information

2017 Matches will NOT be affiliated with 3 Gun Nation. The rules will be similar as 3GN.

Contact the match staff on FaceBook at Polo 3 Gun. Ask for an invitation for the next match.

What is 3 gun??

3 gun competition is currently one of, if not the fastest growing shooting sport. 3 gun challenges a competitor on a course of fire using up to three firearms.  Those firearms include a semi-auto rifle (generally an AR), a pump or semi-auto shotgun, and semi-auto pistol.  Course’s of fire require movement through a stage while engaging steel and cardboard targets or clay pigeons from various positions or while on the move.  As you are moving through the stage you are also being timed so the balance between speed and accuracy are critical.  The target’s vary in distance from a few feet to several hundred yards or anything in between. Competing in 3 gun is an excellent opportunity to hone all of your firearms skills and become more competent with your guns that sit in your safe most of the time. The bottom line is to have fun and be safe!!


Do I have to spend a lot of money to get in to 3 gun??

Absolutely not!!  The key is to start with what you have be it just a Glock, an 870 shotgun, and a bare bones AR or AK and to learn the fundamentals before running out and spending vast amounts of your hard-earned money.  Most everybody who shoots 3 gun, be it an amateur or pro, has started with the above equipment one-way-or-another.  Another key to ‘run-what-you-brung’ is to observe what other people are using and how it works for them.  By observing and asking questions you will be well on your way to having fun.


What do I need??

Any semi-auto rifle will work but most shooters are using an AR of some sort due to the ease to work on and availability of parts.  Bring at least three 30 round magazines and some way to carry them on your person.  A shotgun capable of holding eight rounds in the magazine tube is a bare minimum to bring.  The shotgun can be either a pump or semi-auto and a tube extension will need to be bought which can be purchased rather reasonably.  You will also need a couple shell caddies or dump pouch to hold some extra shells since you will run in to a course of fire with more than nine rounds.  As for the pistol any semi-auto will do, and depending on the type, you may need at least two magazines (double stack like a Glock) or five (single stack like a 1911) and magazine pouches.  Don’t forget you’ll need a strong belt to hold all this on you plus your pants!!


I only have some of the stuff, can I still come shoot??



Sure can.  One thing you will notice about the 3 gun crowd is how eager they are to help new shooters.  If you need an extra mag pouch or mag, you will find no lack of people looking to lend you an extra.  If you’re still intimidated just come out and watch to get acquainted .  Now that you’re done reading this go search some more on the internet, come out to a match, and you will see what all the fuss is about.



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